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     Success comes only with the addition of these values in people’s lives. We know that you are dreaming of a better life. Art – one of those things that fill the life of colors. Floristry – quite ancient art form. For centuries, floral styles have changed, there were new, and then again back to the old. With the help of new technologies that have come to the sweet world in the 20th century, it became possible to create true culinary masterpieces using mastic quality, unique tools and bright harmless food coloring.

     The experience of school teaching methods of sugar floristry Larisa Yemelina showed that effective learning requires a combination of three main components: a clear statement of the theory of simple understandable for each language, and active participation on an individual or group lessons, and enhanced the practical consolidation of the acquired knowledge. This is the formula of your successful training, which is the foundation of the school of Larisa Yemelina.



Basic classes are held from one to three days, depending you are a beginner or if you want to improve your skills.


Skills and secrets of sugar floristry will share with you a true professional, international gold and grand-prix winner.



Even if you’ve never had before to deal with art,  just after three days you will make the masterpieces.

Workshop Gallery

Photographs from individual and group workshops

Our Students

This album contains photos of students and their works in the third day of basic master-class. For today individual master class held about 50 people and over 300 in group master classes, and as you ca see the works of each of which is worthy of attention.

Workshop FAQ

Where seminars are held?

In fact there is no no permanent place for many reasons. Workshops are held in different cities and different countries, depending on whether the group and whether the cost-effective to go to this or that city is dialed. Individual courses helds mainly in Ukraine.  Group workshops respectively depend on where the group recruited, because you can either join an emerging group in the near of your place or help the organization in your city a new group. The latest case activity will be held free of charge for local organisator.

What is the cost of workshops?

It all depends on the location of the workshop.  Depending on the city and country prices for transportation, flights, hotels, renting the place for workshops and so on the price is formed depending on this kind of factors. In Ukraine, the cost is already clear about and it is perhaps one of the most affordable in comparison with other masters, what you can actually check by yourself.



I've never dealt with any art. There is a guarantee that I will learn valid?

Even if you never in your live has dealt with any art and only now you have an interest in Sugar Floristry – the guarantee that after a 3 day basic exercises you will do literally “masterpieces” by your own. Basic workshops already hundreds of people have passed and there was nobody who would be disappointed in that. If you are going to learn on a workshop by Larisa Yemelina, the master have only one priority – to teach you, that`s why you will work from morning to late evening within. On the third day you are guaranteed will go home with beautiful sugar flowers in your performance.

How can i use my skills in the future?

First of all – you will not just pass a workshop in Sugar Floristry exclusively, but you will learn  the all subtleties of a molding parts with your hands from a variety of materials, including polymer clay. Sugar flowers are most often used in confectionaries as decorations on cakes or individual bouquets that you can give for example your family or friends on holiday meaningful for them. This can be a great gift, made in your hands for you dear people.