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 Sugar flowers – can be used as a unique gift for your dear and loved ones you people. This gift can be as a single edible flower bouquet and the whole composition. Color of your choice can be very rare and exotic, which is hard to find in flower shops, and using the technique of the masters and edible ingredients they will not be different from the real, living color. Just extraordinary gift as the right to remain in the spotlight of any event can be a birthday cake, the design of flowers from sugar mastic.

The basic material of which consists flowers – it is sugar, so the flowers made from it has its advantages and disadvantages. Also the dignity of its uniqueness and beauty, you can add sugar flowers and compositions can stay at your home for a long time, because it is a matter of fact a large candy, so you can call the dignity that to order, you can do absolutely any flower, regardless of the season and the geographical origin of that already It is a guarantee of surprise those to whom you gave it. Among the shortcomings can be called – the fragility and vulnerability to the humid and warm air temperatures because a hot summer day to the flower remained as long as possible it is better to keep in a cold place.

Terms and cost of sugar compositions naturally oriented to the number and complexity of the work. Every tiny element of sugar flower is done by hands, and then it takes time to ensure that all elements of the dry and were subsequently painted. This is a fairly time-consuming work, because to order a flower bouquet or a need of placing at least 3-4 business days. Order or decoration of the cake is carried out not earlier than 2 weeks (depending on the design complexity).

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